Managing Graffiti

The City of Fernie recognizes the social and economic consequences of graffiti vandalism. Graffiti costs the community thousands of dollars each year in painting and removal costs. Money allocated to graffiti clean up is no longer available to other valuable community initiatives and programs. Graffiti also impacts our city’s image, deters patronage of commercial areas and negatively impacts on investment potential and maximum return on residential real estate.

How can I manage graffiti?

Graffiti can quickly transform a neighbourhood by making it seem unsafe, because graffiti is often associated with other crimes.  Graffiti contributes to a decline in property values, increases citizen fear, and potentially reduces retail sales for businesses. For these reasons, it is important to report and remove graffiti quickly.

How do I report graffiti?

If you see graffiti on your property or in your community you can report it two ways:

  1. On Private Property: Call the RCMP non-emergency number at 250.423.4404.
  2. On Public Property: Fill out our Online Form or call Bylaw Services at 250.423.6817.

If you witness a person creating graffiti, phone 9-1-1 and report it to the RCMP. If you come across paint cans near fresh graffiti, please do not touch. The RCMP may be able to lift fingerprints and use the cans as evidence.

How can I prevent graffiti on my building or property?

Install motion detector lights on your property.  Move dumpsters, ladders and vehicles away from building to deter vandals from getting onto rooftops. On exposed concrete walls, consider planting vines or ivy covering to eliminate potential graffiti areas.

Make sure your property is secure when it is not occupied. Protect areas where graffiti has occurred in the past with a product designed to repel graffiti, allowing for easier clean up.

Who is responsible for removing graffiti on City property?

The City of Fernie is responsible for removing graffiti on city structures such as lamp standards, traffic control boxes, city parks, city signs and barricades.

Why is it important to remove graffiti as soon as possible?

Delays in removal tend to encourage graffiti vandals to expand the graffiti to adjacent properties. In this way, graffiti can act as a magnet and attract more graffiti to the area.

My property has been tagged, what should I do?

Remove the graffiti yourself as soon as it appears or have a professional graffiti company remove the graffiti for you. Remember, as a property owner it is YOUR responsibility to remove graffiti from your building.

Further information is available in the Unsightly Property Prevention Bylaw.