Utility Billing


The City of Fernie supplies water, sewer and garbage collection services to properties within the municipal boundaries and water and garbage collection services to properties in West Fernie. To recover the costs associated with the provision of these services user fees are collected on a quarterly basis. Flat rates for these services are defined in the water, sewer or garbage rate schedules in the respective user fee bylaw. The rates vary depending on the type of user.

Due Dates

Quarterly utility bills are mailed to users in January, April, July and October. The due date for payment of the bills is the last day of the calendar quarter in which the bills are mailed out. For example, the bills sent out in January have a due date of March 31.


If your payment is not received by the due date, a 5% penalty will be added to the balance owing for the quarterly billing. Any balance outstanding in your utility account at December 31 of any given year will be transferred to your property tax account as taxes in arrears in January 1 of the following year.

New Property Owners / Address Change

Utility bills are sent to the address provided to the City by BC Assessment at the time the bills are produced. BC Assessment receives their property ownership and mailing address information from the BC Land Title Office. When ownership of a property changes it may take two to three months for BC Assessment to receive notice of the ownership change. During this time the utility bills may still be going the previous owner.

It is the responsibility of the property owner to ensure that the ownership and address information filed with the Land Title Office is current and correct. Any changes to the ownership of a property, including mailing address changes, should be filed with the BC Land Title Office at Suite 114 - 455 Columbia Street, Kamloops BC, V2C 6K4 and BC Assessment (Change of Address Form).

If you are not receiving your utility bills, please contact City Hall at (250) 423-6817 or email cityhall@fernie.ca. It is the responsibility of the property owner to pay the utility charges by the due date in order to avoid penalties. No exemption from payment or penalties is conferred by reason of non-receipt of the utility bill.