Resort Municipality Initiative (RMI)

The Resort Municipality Initiative (RMI) is a provincially funded program that supports small, tourism-based municipalities to build and diversify their tourism infrastructure, deliver exceptional visitor experiences and incorporate sustainable tourism practices and products. Many resort municipalities have a small tax base and the demands of tourism activity often strain the resources available to provide infrastructure and event programming. The RMI program allows resort municipalities to dedicate funding to improving tourism-based infrastructure and amenities to attract more visitors and encourage longer stays.

The City of Fernie is one of 14 resort municipalities that receives funding through the RMI program. As a requirement of the program, the City has developed a Resort Development Strategy to guide the allocation of RMI funding. A limited amount of funding will be made available to the public each year to support opportunities that will improve the toursim economy. 

Resort Development Strategy

Every year, the City is required to submit an annual report to the province outlining how RMI funding was spent. To view the City's annual reports, click here.