Business Licences

Operating in the City

The City recognizes the value of small businesses to the community and is committed to helping entrepreneurs establish themselves and their business. If you are interested in starting a Business or Short-Term Rental in the City of Fernie, please review our Business Licencing and Regulation Bylaw and complete the Business License Application.

Business license fees are required to be paid at the time of application.  A business license application will not be processed until payment has been provided.

When is a Business Licence Required?

Every business and short-term rental in the City of Fernie is required to have a valid business license before commencing operations. This includes home based businesses, commercial and industrial establishments and owners of apartment rental properties. Business licenses are also required for businesses that are not located in the community but do work in it. For example, contractors and trades persons.

How do I get a Business Licence?

The City's Business Licencing and Regulation Bylaw authorizes the Bylaw Services to receive applications and issue all business licenses. Bylaw Services receives advice from other municipal staff from various department factions upon review of an application. These departments include Planning, Engineering, Building, Fire, Police and Health.

When your business license application is reviewed and a change of use is identified at the proposed business location (IE. from clothing retail to restaurant), the City will request the applicant complete and submit a Building Permit Application Form to assess the change of use.

To download a Building Permit Application for a change of use (also known as change of occupancy), and understand the requirements of the application submission, visit the Building Permits and Inspections information page.


The annual business licence fee to operate a business in Fernie is $100.00.  The business licence is issued for one year from January 1 to December 31. Additional licensing fees may include:

  • $20.00 for registering the transfer of location
  • $20.00 to transfer a business licence to a new owner
  • $20.00 to register a name change
  • $100 Inter-community business licence

Questions about Business Licences?

Bylaw Services is here to help all businesses in Fernie. Contact Us if you want to:

Another great resource for Fernie businesses is the Fernie Chamber of Commerce at (250) 423-6868.