Short Term Rentals

Short-Term Rentals

Short-term rental (STR) refers to the accommodation of guests in a residential home that is your primary residence. This inlcudes a room, apartment, secondary suite (without permanent cooking facilities), or house for less than 30 days for commercial purposes.

Short-term rentals offer a diversity in the availability of lodging options, increasing convenience and competition in the provision of accommodation services. Visitors want more choice, more affordable options, and something more personal. Many homeowners would like to use their home part-time as they retire and want to travel. Operating a tourist accommodation allows homeowners the opportunity to “book” their property for themselves. STRs are a way to supplement household income.

Residents are able to apply for a business license to operate a legal short-term rental in their principal dwelling. Primary residency is a requirement for the short-term rental applications. Secondary homes are not permitted to be rented short-term.

Most residential areas in Fernie are zoned R1 and R1B. This means that unless the homeowner is present, no commercial activity will take place. Secondary dwelling units are not permitted to be rented short-term if they have permanent cooking facilities present in the unit.

Residents applying for a Short-Term Rental Business License must submit a completed Self-Inspection Checklist with a Short-Term Rental Business License Application.

The Self-Inspection Checklist places the responsibility on the Short-Term Rental property owner to certify that they have completed the requisite safety items in their home. This approach will balance public safety, municipal liability, and efficiency of STR business license processing times. Please ensure accuracy and honesty in completing the Self-inspection Checklist, as well as the STR Business License Application package.

 Applications must be submitted in person at City Hall, along with all applicable fees.

Short Term Rental Business Licenses are issued according to the Business Licencing and Regulation Bylaw No. 2028, 2003.

On October 30, 2017, Council adopted the Short-Term Rental Consequential Amendments Bylaw (Bylaw No. 2324, Zoning Bylaw No. 1750, Amendment Bylaw #188, 2017 and Bylaw No. 2325). These bylaw amendments provide the backbone of the new short-term rental regulations. 

Condo / Hotel Zones

Condo / Hotel is a permitted use in the C-1, C-HWY and CD-2 zones. For example, Silver Rock and 901 Fernie are permitted because these buildings are zoned as condo hotels as permitted uses. These properties require a regular business license and compelted self inspection checklist to operate.