Inter-Community Business Licence

What is an Inter-Community Business Licence?

An Inter-Community Business Licence is an add-on to your regular municipal business licence that allows mobile businesses (e.g. trades, caterers and businesses who deliver services directly to their customer's location) to operate across participating municipalities.

The City of Fernie, District of Sparwood and District of Elkford have entered into an inter-municipal licensing scheme to streamline the licensing process, increase compliance and provide residents with a wider choice of service providers.  The new scheme will enable a mobile business operating in Fernie to purchase a municipal business licence and an Inter-Community Business Licence from the City of Fernie which would permit the business to operate in Fernie, Elkford and Sparwood. 

Non-resident businesses from outside the three municipalities can purchase a municipal business licence and an Inter-Community Business Licence from the participating community of their choice.

Typical mobile businesses that benefit from an Inter-Community Business Licence are trades, plumbers, electricans, cleaning services, pest control, landscapers, or similar. 


  • Municipal Business Licence $100
  • Inter-Community Business Licence $100

If your business is on the move, an Inter-Community Business Licence can save you time and money!

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