City Directory

Name Title Phone Email
Council Members
Ange Qualizza Mayor Email
Kyle Hamilton Councillor Email
Kevin McIsaac Councillor Email
Morgan Pulsifer Councillor Email
Yvonne Prest Councillor Email
Troy Nixon Councillor Email
Phil Iddon Councillor Email
Chief Administrative Officer
Michael Boronowski Chief Administrative Officer 250.423.2225 Email
Corporate Administration Services Department
Meredith Daniel Deputy Clerk 250.423.2235 Email
Nicole Friesen Municipal Clerk I 250.423.4466 Email
Finance Department
Vacant Director of Finance 250.423.2223 Email
Barb Carrick Municipal Clerk II 250.423.2224 Email
Carole Peterson Municipal Clerk II 250.423.2222 Email
Suzanne Halley Acting Deputy Treasurer 250.423.2226 Email
Fire & Emergency Services Department
Ted Ruiter Director of Fire & Emergency Services (Fire Chief) 250.423.4226 Email
Brendan Morgan Assistant Fire Chief and Emergency Program Coordinator 250.423.4226 Email
Operational Services Department
Zabrina Pendon Director of Operational Services 250.423.2230 Email
Dustin Haeusler Manager of Streets and Utilities 250.423.2248 Email
Brett Logan Manager of Parks, Facilities and Recreation 250.423.2253 Email
Jenny Weir Municipal Engineer 250.423.2227 Email
Laurie Levesque Purchasing Maintenance / Management Clerk 250.423.2247 Email
Aeron Hayward Safety Management System Resource 250.423.6817 Email
Ryma Aneliunas GIS Technologist 250.423.6817 Email
Amy DeMarchi Community Services Coordinator 250.423.2245 Email
Raquel Bayley Engineering Clerk 250.423.2246 Email
Aquatic Centre Aquatic Centre 250.423.4466 Email
Planning Department
Bruce Lennox Director of Planning 250.423.2258 Email
Patrick Sorfleet Manager of Planning 250.423.2232 Email
Lisa Janssen Manager of Sustainable Service Delivery 250.423.2228 Email
Derek Cimolini Planning Technician 250.423.2239 Email
Duane Janzen Building Official 250.423.2229 Email
Alex Park Building Official 250.423.2229 Email
Sara Stewart Planning Coordinator 250.423.2234 Email
Wynne Cairns Acting Communications Coordinator 250.423.2238 Email
Bylaw Services Bylaw Enforcement Officer 250.423.2244 Email