The principal purpose of a zoning bylaw is to guide growth in a systematic way, by ensuring various uses of land and structures are compatible with each other. Zoning regulates land in Fernie and ensures that use of land and structures are compatible for the appropriate areas.

Amendments and revisions to the municipal zoning bylaw and/or the OCP are considered to account for changing public interest, trends in the development industry, changes in the community environment, or changes in Federal or Provincial statutes. Rezoning typically alters the permitted density and/or the permitted use on a property.

When considering rezoning applications City Council must consider Official Community Plan policies, Neighbourhood and Sector Plan policies, staff recommendations and public input. In addition site inspections, technical reviews and consideration by the Design Review Panel (if required) are completed prior to Council consideration. These steps all form part of the staff recommendation to Council.

An applicant may be requested by staff to revise the proposed development after review by the Design Review Panel.