Parks, Facilities & Recreation

The Parks, Facilities & Recreation department is committed to creating opportunities for community pride, personal enjoyment and healthy lifestyles, and to striving for continuous improvement in the processes and services which will achieve that end result.

Enjoy an activity, get fit or spend time with friends. If you don't know where to start, take a look through our site and discover the beauty and benefits of living in the most picturesque and opportunity-rich community in the Rockies!

Our Vision

To build strong families and healthy communities:

  • Families that play together, stay together! Recreation provides safe developmental opportunities for children
  • Recreation, sports and arts/culture produce leaders who serve their communities in many ways
  • Recreation, sports and arts/culture build social skills and stimulate participation in community life
  • Recreation is often the catalyst that builds strong, self-sufficient communities (ie sport groups, arts guilds), and helps people understand their neighbours, their history and their environment
  • Recreation and arts/culture build pride in a community