Civic Boards & Committees

We have a number of Council appointed Boards and Committees collective referred to as Civic Agencies. These Civic Agencies are made up of community volunteers who wish to contribute to the governance of their community. Council typically makes appointments to Civic Agencies in the fall and spring each year or when there are vacancies that require new members.

We encourage anyone interested in participating on a Civic Agency to email the Director of Corporate Administration Services at

Please include:

  • Contact information (Name, Phone number and Email Address) and
  • A brief description of your experience as it relates to the Civic Agency(ies) you wish to join.

Current Vacancies:

There are currently no vacancies being advertised

To learn about the current Civic Agencies read their Terms of Reference or governing Bylaws below:

Please follow this link to see minutes and agendas for Civic Committee's and Boards.