Development Cost Charges

Development in Fernie is subject to City of Fernie Bylaw No. 2276: A Bylaw for imposing Development Cost Charges. Development Cost Charges (DCC) may be imposed for the purpose of providing funds to assist the municipality in paying the capital cost of providing, constructing, altering or expanding sewage, water, drainage, highway facilities and parkland.

DCC's are applicable to residential, commercial and industrial developments. Development Cost Changes may be paid in a lump sum or in installments as set out under the provisions of the Bylaw.

Our bylaw was updated to reflect current growth projections and DCC capital programs that ensure the people who will use and benefit from the services provided pay their share of the costs in a fair and equitable manner. The proposed DCC program creates certainty by providing stable charges to the development industry and by allowing the orderly and timely construction of infrastructure.