Temporary Use Permit

A Temporary Use Permit (TUP) can be issued to property owners, allowing a particular use of land to occur temporarily, in a zone where it is not usually permitted.

Proposed temporary uses must be compatible with adjacent land uses, be consistent with the Official Community Plan (OCP), and adhere to all relevant City bylaws and policies.

Permits may be issued to address a short-term need but are not intended to be a substitute for a rezoning application. TUPs are issued in accordance with the Local Government Act for a specified time period, and may be renewed only once. The total temporary use period must not exceed three years.

Temporary Use Permit applications are first reviewed by City Planning Department staff, and may be referred to external agencies for input, before being considered by Council at a minimum of two Regular Council meetings.

Council assess any potential impacts the change in land use may have on the neighbourhood and the City, and based on the outcome, approve or refuse the issuance of the permit.

The public are informed of each TUP application through the public notification process and given opportunity to provide input at a scheduled Public Hearing. For information on how to participate in a public hearing, visit www.fernie.ca/meetings.

Complete TUP application forms may be submitted at City Hall during regular business hours, along with the required supporting documentation:

  • Detailed description of the proposed use
  • Recent State of Title Certificate
  • Photograph of existing building
  • Any designs, site plans, floor plans, sketches, dimensions, or samples that may be relevant to the application.

Complete applications may take a minimum of 7-9 weeks to process. The timeline to receive an outcome on each application is determined by the scope of the request, the schedule of regular council meetings, council meeting agenda availability, and the public notification process.