Max Turyk Community Centre

The City of Fernie purchased the former elementary school from SD5 in 2008 and began operating it as Max Turyk Community Centre, leasing out classroom space and renting the gymnasium to community groups and the public.  In 2014, the Max Turyk Community Sports Fields were opening behind the the facility, and in the subsequent years a playground and pickleball courts were added to the site. 

Max Turyk is currently home to several organizations that offer childcare and school services to the community.  The gym is available to rent, as well as the outdoor pickleball courts and sports fields.  

Rentable Facilities

Sports Fields:
Non-Commercial/Local: $11.22/hour
Commercial/Non-Local: $22.43/hour
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Pickleball Courts:
Non-Commercial/Local: $3.36 per court/hour
Commercial/Non-Local: $6.73 per court/hour
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The gym at Max Turyk is available to rent for gym activities only (see gym floor rules below).  If you plan to serve food as part of your event, please also book the multipurpose room.  

Playing Surface: 78.5 ft x 47 ft wide 
Ceiling Height: 18 ft 

Non-Commercial/Local:  $23.55/hour
Commercial/Non Local: $47.11/hour 
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Please note gym floor rules apply:

  • Food and beverage is not permitted in the gym
  • Clean, dry indoor shoes must be worn in the gym - be sure to advise your guests to bring a change of footwear
  • Bikes are not permitted in the gym 
  • Renters must bring their own sport equpiment for personal use
  • Gym floor must be left clean an dry for the group arriving next.

Multipurpose Room:
Non-Commercial/Local:  $16.82/hour
Commercial/Non Local: $33.65/hour
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The Multipurpose Room has three tables and 15 chairs available for use.  

Facility Rental

To book, please visit our Facility Rental Page.