Water Conservation

Although the City of Fernie is situated around natural waterways, we do not have an endless supply of water.  Thinking of the future, we encourage our residents to be water smart and do your part in reducing water consumption.  The City is committed to ensuring our water resource is protected and sustainable for future generations.

There are many small actions you can take to conserve water in our community.

Tips for Outdoor Water Conservation: 

1)      Be mindful when watering lawns, gardens and washing driveways – do not over water

2)      Check outdoor taps and faucets for leaks

3)      Install a rain barrel

4)      Water only when necessary

5)      Water early in the morning to avoid drying of water

6)      Use a broom instead of water to clean driveways and sidewalks

7)      Prune your garden and plants regularly to reduce the amount of water required

8)      Aerate your lawn occasionally

9)      Check your sprinkler system regularly for leaks

10)   Direct gutters and downspouts to trees and shrubs

For further information on water conservation or water projects, contact the Engineering Department at 250-423-6817

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