Water & Sewer

The City's water distribution and sewage collection/treatment systems service the City of Fernie. In addition, the City provides water distribution service to West Fernie.

Work is well underway to develop a Liquid Waste Management Planand a secondary water source to meet the City's water demands, water quality and sewage treatment requirements for future years.

For more information on water services, sanitary and storm sewers please follow the links below:

Liquid Waste Management Plan

The Liquid Waste Management Plan (LWMP) is nearing completion and will soon be submitted to the BC Minister of Environment for approval.  The plan was developed with input from the public, stakeholder groups, technical experts and City staff who worked closely with the Ministry of Environment.  Once approved, the City will have a solid, legally binding plan for managing our liquid waste well into the future.

The City has committed to implementing 35 Action Items over the next 10 years. Take a look through the list to see what they are and the anticipated timelines.

For all the details check out the Newsletters and the Stage 1 and 2 Final Reports as well as the Stage 3 Draft report in the final stages of review and submission.

Water Quality (Turbidity)

The City of Fernie measures turbidity levels on an ongoing basis and publishes the Water Quality Ratings each day.

If you wish to receive automatic email updates on water quality please contact City Hall to register.