Tribute Program

As a Beautification Initiative the City of Fernie has introduced a program to enhance our parks and green spaces with amenities that can pay tribute to individuals, groups, or projects that mark achievement and celebrate life. 

Once filled out, you can email the form to or drop it off at the front desk at the Fernie Aquatic Centre.

Types of Amenities and Donation Amounts

Donations for Standard Amenities may include, but are not limited to:

  • New Benches
  • Adoption of existing park benches that is appropriate for donation
  • Picnic tables
  • Other suggestions will be considered on a case by case basis

Donations of Legacy Amenities (more than $5,000) may include, but are not limited to:

  • picnic shelters
  • playgrounds or playground components
  • sport courts
  • other suggestions from donors will be considered on a case by case basis

Approximate Cost of Donated Item


Bench (with back)
6 Feet 
"Cedar" recycled plastic
$2,700 - $3,000 plus tax and freight charges 
Picnic Table
6 Feet 
"Cedar" recycled plastic
$2,800 - $3,100 plus tax and freight charges

Donation amounts for specific amenities (with a tribute plaque) are estimated and include the City’s cost of basic maintenance to ensure the amenity remains in good condition for a ten-year term. The term begins on the date of installation.  For some legacy amenities, a range of amounts will be provided to the potential donor as the actual cost will depend on the specific item and location chosen.

Donors are encouraged to choose plaque wording that is positive in tone and respectful.

Donors cannot embellish donated amenities with wreaths, personal memorials or other items which may discourage public use and/or increase or interfere with maintenance activities.

Locations of Donated Amenities

City staff assess each park to determine the most appropriate sites for each type of donated amenity and the maximum number accepted at that location. In cases where a suitable site for the proposed type of amenity is not available, the donation may be declined.

The donated amenity is the sole property of the City of Fernie, and the donor has no legal interest in the amenity or any real or other property to which it may be affixed. The City may relocate the amenity for any reason, including for safety, maintenance or redevelopment of the  park lands. The City will make reasonable effort to notify donors of any significant changes to the amenity and it is the donors’ responsibility to keep their contact information current with the City.

Donors may wish to designate their gift to support specific approved programs and services, projects, facility development, asset improvement, restoration or maintenance. The City will, at its sole discretion, decide whether a donation to a specific program is accepted. These donations must be consistent with the goals of the City and its capacity to meet any associated costs or ongoing obligations.

Term of Amenity Donation

At the end of the ten-year donation term, the donor will have the option to discontinue the donation, renew the existing donation for an additional maintenance fee, or replace the amenity at market cost. Amenity replacement applies primarily to benches and tables. The City generally will not replace larger items that are in good condition. If the donor does not contact the City or chooses not to renew or replace the donated item, the plaque will be removed and the amenity and/or site will become available for a new donation. The plaque will be returned if the donor contacts the City.

Donations of Artworks and Other Gifts in Tribute

Individuals or groups may own articles that they wish to donate to the City for indoor or outdoor sites. Items will be considered for acceptance by the City only should these be deemed compatible with City’s strategic goals and/or operations and if appropriate for use in a public space. The City may accept or decline any offered item, at its sole discretion.

Program Specific Items

Individuals may approach the City with gifts that are specific to a service area or program such as sports equipment, recreation program supplies, or animal care supplies. The potential donor will be referred to the appropriate department and division. The Department Director will have the discretion to either accept or decline the donation based on the needs of the division and space available for storage or display, and other considerations pursuant to public ownership.

Artworks, Heritage and Other Items

Individuals may approach the City with significant works of art, furnishing, equipment, and heritage items that they wish to donate to the City.  Depending on the type and value of the piece, the City may ask the donor to submit a proposed donation package, to include a description, with appraisal, insurance, maintenance, and ownership information, where applicable. The donation package will be evaluated to determine whether the proposed gift is appropriate for the City’s collection. In some cases, a legal agreement may be developed that identifies each party’s responsibilities for installation, lifecycle maintenance and repairs, transfer of legal ownership and intellectual property rights, donor recognition, decommissioning, and any other provisions the City deems necessary. If a tax receipt is requested, the Canada Revenue Agency requires evidence of fair market value of eligible gifts in-kind. If the piece has not been appraised recently, a qualified appraiser should be consulted. The donor is responsible for obtaining an appraisal, and all related costs.

A significant artwork may be removed from the City’s collection due to safety issues, costly ongoing repair, or if other uses are deemed more important for the space. The City will endeavour to contact and consult with the donor, who will have an opportunity to recover the work if desired.

Financial Donations in Tribute

Individuals or organizations may choose to make a cash donation to the City to support City facilities, programs or services. These financial donations are not marketing partnerships or reciprocal agreements and the donor will not receive any benefit beyond a charitable donation tax receipt.

Eligible Financial Donations

Cash donations made to the City for general community benefit will be incorporated into the general revenue of the City, and allocated for capital, operating or potentially both.

Ineligible Financial Donations

The City cannot accept donations from potential donors who represent a reputational risk to the City, e.g. individuals or organizations known to be involved in activities that contravene laws, City Bylaws or City values.

The City will not accept donations for endowments.