Arts Station

Art StationThe Arts Station is a cultural hub in Fernie. Be part of the cultural excitement by becoming a member, joining a guild, taking a workshop, enjoying a performance or exhibition, volunteering your time or making an investment in the future through a donation. Have a look at their website and see where your interests may lie.

The Arts Station is open 9am to 3pm weekdays, for events, private rentals and when the ‘Blue Toque’ restaurant is open.


One outstanding heritage building in Fernie is the Canadian Pacific Railway Station, dating back to 1908 after Fernie’s second fire. When railways ruled the world of transportation and communication, it was the centre of intense activity and remains so today.

In 1991 the Station moved a few metres from its original site where volunteers refurbished, restored, and ensured it has remained The Arts Station, home of the Fernie & District Arts Council. The original lobby is a gallery for the display of works by local artists; the ticket office is a restaurant; the baggage room is a 100-seat theatre used by visiting and local performers. Quilters, painters, stitchers and weavers use the upper floor while musicians and pottery enthusiasts practice their crafts in the basement studios.