Meet Your Council

From left to right: , RCMP Staff Sergeant Svend Nielsen, Councillor Harsh Ramadass, Councillor Troy Nixon, Councillor Ted Shoesmith, Mayor Nic Milligan, Councillor Kyle Hamilton, Councillor Tracey Audia Kelly,  Fire Chief Brendan Morgan, Deputy Fire Chief Bill Pitman, Firefighter Troy MacLachlan
***Missing from Photo: Councillor Kevin McIssac
Photo Credit: Jamie Hide Photography


Nic Milligan

Nic Milligan grew up in Fernie when his family moved from Scotland when he was four. Nic is passionate about this community and its people. He and his wife Sylvia met while at the University of Victoria, raised their two children here. They continue to enjoy everything Fernie has to offer, all its events and activities and its many cultural and natural amenities. Fernie is defined by its friendly, helpful people and their sense of community. After a career in mining, Nic is proud to give back to Fernie and to serve its residents to support and enhance their quality of life.


Kyle Hamilton

Tracey Audia Kelly


Kevin McIsaac

Troy Nixon


Harsh Ramadass

Harshan 'Harsh' Ramadass has been a Fernie resident since 2011. He is employed at the Resource Company Teck, he has worked in various capacities in Business Improvement, operational and corporate roles within that organization in Vancouver Head Office and the Elk Valley Offices and Operations.

With a Mechanical Engineering undergrad from Bangalore University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering, India and an MBA from The University of British Columbia-Sauder School of Business, Vancouver; Harsh has been in private sector in mining, automotive and manufacturing roles in the US, India and Canada since 2003.

He has been a student of democracy and politics since when he can remember. He truly believes positive change can only come when regular citizens participate and compete in the marketplace of ideas. 

Harsh and his artist/librarian wife, Pru, are avid trail runners and have a daughter who was born in Fernie. Harsh spends most weekends running Fernie's Mountain and trails and takes part or volunteers in one or two ultra-marathons through the year.

Ted Shoesmith