Multi-Purpose Community Centre Project

Looking Towards a Multi-Purpose Community Centre

The City is exploring Federal and Provincial funding programs to construct a Multi-Purpose Community Centre. The proposed facility would be incorporated into the existing Fernie Aquatic Centre and would include:

  • Arena
  • Curling
  • Gymnasium 
  • Multi-Purpose Space


Concept Design 

Site Concept 

Why a New Facility? 

Since 2014, the City of Fernie has been integrating asset management practices into the City's budget process. The basic premise of asset management is that the City builds and maintains assets that provide sustainable services the community identify as being valuable and worthy of financial support. The initial phase of the asset management program identified a significant portion of City-owned facilities are approaching or at the end of their life expectancy and therefore, a strategic investment/replacement program is required. 

  • The current Asset Management Program has estimated that 58% of City facilities are in a deficit condition and require replacement. By replacing the proposed facilities with a new Multi-Purpose Community Centre, we see our facility deficit reduced to an estimated 15%.
  • Combining the stand-alone facilities into one Multi-Purpose Community Centre (MPCC) will create a centralized hub that serves the communities social, cultural, recreational, health and wellness needs. 
  • The new facility will have more flexibility to accommodate increased use, reduce accessibility barriers and be managed in a more cost-effective manner.

Financial Implications 

New provincial and federal funding was announced in the Fall of 2018 specific to community, recreation and culture infrastructure which could pay for approximately 75% to 90% of all design and construction costs of a new MPCC. The City applied for grants through 2 available funding streams to reduce the financial burdens of infrastructure replacement on the taxpayer.

The cost to replace city infrastructure rises every year, and this project is estimated to cost $72,524.200.  Based on the funding model of the current grants submission, the highest contribution for the City of Fernie towards the proposed project is $19,324,204. If the grant submission is approved,  the City will look for partnerships, sponsorships and donations to assist with the cost of the MPCC.

Community Approval 

The City is still awaiting news on the MPCC grant application.  On Monday, May 13, Council confirmed a decision on the electoral approval process that will be conducted should we be successful in obtaining grant funding.  The decision confirmed that Assent Voting (referendum) will be used to gain electoral approval.  Further information will be shared as it becomes available.  

 Assent Voting (Referendum) 

A voting process similar to a municipal election where eligible voters fill out a ballot indicating YES they approve the Loan Authorization Bylaw or NO they do not approve the Loan Authorization Bylaw. The outcome is decided by majority vote.

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