George S. Majic Spiritus Award

The George S. Majic Spiritus Award is presented annually by the City of Fernie in memory of George S. Majic to a person or persons who for many years have demonstrated a constant commitment to our community through their love of Fernie.

Through their contributions they enhance and honor community values, to enrich our community as a whole. The award was created by his family and friends in Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. as a way of honoring George's life service.

Previous Award Recipients:

  • 2006 Inaugural Recipient - Antonio "Benny" Mangone
  • 2007 Recipient - Isabelle McLeod
  • 2008 Recipients - Doug and Wilda Quail
  • 2009 Recipient - Vern McGarrigle
  • 2010 Recipient - Mary Menduk
  • 2011 Recipient - Anita Palmer
  • 2012 Recipient - George Smith
  • 2013 Recipient - Mario Rocca
  • 2015 Recipient - Pat Gilmar 
  • 2016 Recipient - Heiko Socher