Street Sweeping Program

City of Fernie street sweepers are out completing their first pass to remove bulk sand from priority winter routes. Over the coming weeks, crews will begin the annual comprehensive street sweeping program and work through each neighbourhood. This will be followed by a final touch-up sweeping pass in late spring.

Residents out doing their own spring cleaning of boulevards, can gather winter sand and place it at the curb for pick up by the sweeper. For collection sand must be evenly distributed at the road-side, large piles of sand or piles containing mixed materials that could clog the sweeper will be bypassed. Please refrain from distributing sand onto a swept road and avoid putting winter sand in catch basins as this can lead to serious drainage issues. On your scheduled sweeping dates please help our crews by parking off-street where possible.

The following schedule is subject to change on short notice to adjust for weather, breakdowns, and unforeseen events:

First Pass

 Annex                                                    April 29th - May 1st             

Maintown                                               May 2nd, 3rd and 6th

Riverside/Cedars                                   May 6th and 7th

West Fernie                                           May 7th and 8th

Ridgemont                                             May 8th and 9th

Castle/Montane/Coal Creek                  May 10th and 13th

Parkland/Alpine/Ghostrider                   May 13th and 14th

Mountview                                             May 14th and 15th         

Final Pass

Annex                                                     May 16        

Maintown                                               May 17

Riverside/Cedars                                   May 21    

West Fernie                                            May 22

Ridgemont                                              May 23

Castle/Montane/Coal Creek                   May 27      

Parkland/Alpine/Ghostrider                    May 28       

Mountview                                              May 29  

Annual highway boulevard cleaning will begin on April 29th. Please be aware of lane closures and stay clear of crews and equipment.