New BC Building Code

The new BC Building Code came into effect on March 8, 2024, and will
apply to building permits applied for on or after that date. Buildings with
permits in place under the BC Codes 2018 will generally not be affected by the
adoption of the new BC Codes.

BC Codes 2024 are harmonized with the 2020 National Model Codes to enable
mass timber construction and require rough-ins for radon safety provincewide,
as well as other topics to make new buildings more accessible and

Summary of 2024 BC Building Code Changes:
• Enabling mass timber construction.
• Requiring rough-ins for radon safety province-wide.
• More complete and specific language for constructing extended rough-ins for radon subfloor depressurization systems.
• Adopting cooling requirements to provide one living space that does not exceed 26 degrees Celsius.
• Retaining existing ventilation requirements for systems serving single-dwelling units.

Application Requirements:
To comply with the BC Building Code, all building permit applications
submitted on or after March 8, 2024, require a design that meets the 2024 BC
Building Code.
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