Applications Open for the 2024 Windrow Program

Applications are now open for the City of Fernie’s 2024 Driveway Windrow
Snow Clearing Program. Each year the City provides this service for eligible
residents to help clear windrows left at the end of residential driveways after a
snowplow has cleared the road.

To be eligible there must be no other person residing in either the mainresidence or a secondary dwelling unit who is under the age of 65 or isnot a person with a disability (HealthAssessment Form must signed by a regulated physician).

Eligible residents can apply until December 15, 2023 for the service.
Eligible residents must apply for this service annually.

Participants will receive windrow clearing services from November 1st to April 15th. This windrow clearing service is provided by secondary plow equipment that comes by later in the day or into the next day after a snowfall event where graders and loaders are dispatched for snow clearing operations. To find more information on the program, eligibility criteria, or to download the application form visit