2022 Spring Street Cleaning and Spring Cleanup

This page will be updated regularly to provide the confirmed schedule for street sweeping and the annual Spring Cleanup.

Highway Boulevard  & Winter Operations Clean-up

Completed May 5.

Crews are currently assessing and repairing damage from winter operations throughout the community and completing repairs as weather permits.

Residents can report damage to boulevards and property form winter operations through the Request for Service form. Damage to boulevards and yards resulting from winter operations will be assessed and added to a list for repairs on a priority basis as resources permit.


Please help by not sweeping sand from boulevards back onto cleaned roads or into catch basins.

Sand from boulevards and frontages can be swept to the curb for pick up by the sweeper, however, if sand contains excessive organic or foreign material that will clog the sweeper it may not be removed. Please sweep the sand to the edge of the road avoiding creating large piles of sand.

First Pass

  • Maintown : 3 days,  May 2,3,4
  • Annex: 3 days, May 4,5,6
  • Riverside/Cedars: 2 days, May 9,10
  • West Fernie:  2 days, May 10,11
  • Ridgemont: 2 days,  May 11,12
  • Castle/Montane/Coal Creek:   2 days, May 12,13
  • Parkland/Alpine/GhostRider: 2 days, May 16,17
  • Mountview:  2 days, May 17 & 19

Final Pass

  • Maintown 1 day May 19
  • Annex 1 day May 20
  • Riverside/Cedars 1 day May 20
  • West Fernie 1 day May 24
  • Ridgemont 1 day May 24
  • Castle/Montane/Coal Creek 1 day May 25
  • Parkland/Alpine/GhostRider 1 day May 25
  • Mountview 1 day May 26

Spring Clean-up Program:

Annual Spring Cleanup is specifically a service to remove lawn and garden waste (no household garbage – just grass clippings, brush, weeds and small tree branches less than 6” in diameter).

  • West Fernie: May 20
  • Maintown: May 24
  • Ridgemont/Montane/Castle: May 25
  • Parkland/Alpine: May 26
  • Airport/Park ave.: May 27
  • Annex/Riverside/Cedars: May 30

Spring Cleanup material must be placed on the curb by 7:00 am on your pickup day in the same location as regular garbage pick-up in all areas except the Annex and Maintown which will be picked up in the alley. Garden waste must be bagged in clear plastic bags and tree/brush clippings must be securely bundled, tied and piled in such a way that it can be picked up by a loader.  Please do not pile up loose leaves and materials – residents are responsible for cleaning up any windblown debris or unbundled / un-bagged material.

SENIORS: Free Household Refuse and Reusable/Recyclable Goods Pickup

Seniors can register in advance to have large items hauled away during Spring Cleanup. Items should be separated between refuse and recyclable / reusable items, with registration required in advance. 

Register for this free service by calling City Hall at 250.423.6817.

Once registered, items need to be at the curb by 7:00 am on the dates for Annual Spring Cleanup in your area.