Types of Council Meetings

Regular Council Meetings

Regular Council meetings occur on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month and begin at 6:00 pm. Meetings are held at the Fernie Senior Citizens Drop-In Centre (562 3 Avenue, Fernie, BC).

Please click on the links below for copies of agendas and minutes.

Committee of the Whole

Committee of the Whole meetings are intended to be a less formal forum for discussing municipal issues. These meetings take place on the third Tuesday of each month at 6:00 pm at the Fernie Senior Citizens Drop-In Centre (562 3 Avenue, Fernie, BC).

During a Committee of the Whole meeting, Council reviews and gathers information on an issue and if needed, makes a recommendation that will be brought forward to a Regular Council meeting for formal consideration and action. 

 COTW agendas and minutes are available online:

Special Council Meetings

A Special Council meeting is a council meeting other than a statutory, regular or adjourned meeting. Special Council meetings are open to the public, unless all or part of the meeting is closed by a vote of council.

In-Camera Council Meetings

In Camera Council meetings are also known as ‘closed meetings’. Council is only authorized to hold in-camera meetings under the circumstances set out in Section 90 of the Community Charter.

Closed meetings are held to discuss and make decision on matters pertaining to personnel, land, labour or employee negotiations, law enforcement, litigation or potential litigation and information that is prohibited from disclosure under the Freedom of Information and Protective of Privacy Act.

Prior to a Council closing a meeting or part of a meeting to the public, it has to state, by resolution, the fact that the meeting is to be closed, and the basis in legislation under which the meeting is to be closed. The public is not allowed to attend a closed meeting.

Council Meeting Accessibility

Council meetings are open to the public to attend in person, electronically through Zoom, and to view via our Facebook Live stream. 

Information about how to watch and attend meetings is available here.