Voting is the most important way to make your voice heard about issues that concern you. Voting is an opportunity to be part of decision-making about things that affect your everyday life, such as garbage collection, roads, development, housing, clean water, parks, green space, recreation facilities, libraries, fire rescue services, and education just to name a few. By voting you decide who will make the decisions affecting your everyday life. 

On Saturday, October 15 and on advance voting days, Fernie residents will vote to elect 1 mayor, 6 councillors and 1 school trustee (for School District 5). The mayor, elected councillors and school board trustee will serve a four-year term from November 2022 to November 2026. 

Who is running for Council/Mayor? 

Click here to view the most up to date list of nominees. 

Who is running for School District Trustee? 

Click here to view the most up to date list of nominees. 

How can I vote? 

Voting will take place at the Fernie Senior Citizens Drop-In Centre (562 - 3rd Avenue) from 8 am to 8 pm.  

General Voting Day: 

  • Saturday, October 15

Advance Voting Days:

  • Wednesday, October 5
  • Wednesday, October 12

Automated Vote Counting Machines

Did you know that the City will be using automated vote counting machines for the 2022 election? 

Voters will mark a paper ballot and then feed that ballot into the vote counting machine. The machine will tally your vote and at the end of the day, print out the election results. Your ballot will be securely stored under the machine in the unlikely case that a manual re-count is required.

Using a vote counting machine will significantly reduce the wait time to learn election results! 

Have questions? 

Elections BC 

Chief Election Officer