Watering Restrictions in Effect

Due to turbidity at Fairy Creek, and demand exceeding capacity of the James White Wells, the City of Fernie is asking residents to reduce their water use to conserve water. Water conservation is important to help avoid the need to issue a water quality advisory.
Do your part by following these watering restrictions until further notice:
  • Lawn watering: Odd-numbered addresses on ODD numbered calendar days, even-numbered addresses on EVEN numbered calendar days. Please only water for two hours per watering day as this helps conserve water.
  • Private & commercial outdoor impermeable surface washing (driveways, sidewalks) NOT permitted other than for health & safety purposes or to prepare a surface for painting or similar treatment.
  • Residential car washing & boat washing is permitted only with a hose equipped with spring-loaded shut off.
  • the watering of flowers, vegetable gardens, decorative planters, shrubs and trees is not restricted at this time.
Please do your part to help us conserve water.