Snow Plow Naming Contest Winners Visit Operations Facility

We had a great time hosting the winning classrooms from the snow plow naming contest at the Operations facility last week!
The 5 classes who submitted the winning names for our winter equipment met with Mayor Milligan and members of our Public Works team and Fire Department to learn more about our operations and check out the equipment - with shiny new nametags attached!
Congrats again to the winning classrooms:
Clearopathra – Ms. Bell’s M/W/F class at Bright Beginnings Preschool
Snow Mama – Ms. Barras’ Grade 2 class at Ecole Isabelle Dicken Elementary
Mr. Pickle – Ms. Foskins’ Grade 4 class at the Fernie Academy
Darth Blader – Mr. Hanson’s Grade 5 class at Ecole Isabelle Dicken Elementary
Christmas Potato – Ms. Verity’s Grade 3 class at the Fernie Academy
AND a BIG Thank You to the over 50 preschool, daycare and elementary school classes that participated in our first equipment naming contest!