Water Quality Update

The City of Fernie has completed repairs to the James White Wells, however water sampling results received this morning show selenium concentrations in the wells beyond the 10 microgram per liter standard set by the BC Drinking Water Quality Guidelines.

The elevated levels of selenium in The James White Wells require the City to continue using the Fairy Creek Water Source despite the current ‘fair’ water quality at that source. The 'fair' rating is due to turbidity between 1 and 5 NTUs. Testing has not identified selenium levels as a concern at the Fairy Creek Source.

The Water Quality Advisory issued on April 12, will remain in effect until water quality improves at Fairy Creek or selenium levels in the James White Wells are within safe drinking water standards.

The City is working with Interior Health to monitor water quality at both of our drinking water sources, to ensure that the community has continued access to safe drinking water.

Starting last summer when elevated concentrations of selenium were identified in James White Wells, The City of Fernie and Teck have been both independently monitoring water quality in our municipal wells and sharing data to ensure safe drinking water that meets the standards of the BC Drinking Water Quality Guidelines. We are now further increasing testing frequency.

The City of Fernie is investing significantly in confirming the long-term viability of the Fairy Creek source, and in additional treatment and improvements, and we are actively working with Teck to ensure the long-term sustainability of safe and healthy drinking water for the community.

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