Traffic Pattern Change: Mt. McLean Dr. and Cokato Rd.

Anyone travelling through the intersection at Mt. McLean Dr. and Cokato Road will notice a traffic pattern change. Stops signs are being installed to address concerns around pedestrian and cyclist safety at this intersection.

At the June 13 Regular Council Meeting, Council directed staff to move ahead with a three-way stop at this intersection as an interim solution to address community concerns.

This intersection has limited sightlines and other design. The three-way stop being installed is an interim solution in advance of longer-term plans to explore re-designing the intersection to improve the experience for motorists and enhance connectivity elements for pedestrians and cyclists as recommended in the Active Transportation Master Plan.

The new stop signs are being installed Saturday morning and will be in effect immediately. Required signage will be in place notifying anyone travelling through the intersection of the traffic pattern change ahead.

Decisions regarding changes to traffic patterns and investment in enhancements to City streets are informed by the City’s Integrated Infrastructure Capital Plan, Active Transportation Masterplan, and a 2017 Traffic Control Review conducted by ICBC and an engineering consultant.