Recycle BC Transition

The City of Fernie is pleased to announce today is the first pick up of curbside recycling that is destined to go to Recycle BC.

Our curbside recycling program has grown and is now in line with many other BC communities that partner with Recycle BC to reduce the amount of garbage sent to landfill.

Recycle BC is a non-profit organization that uses fees paid by retailers, manufacturers, and other organizations to finance residential recycling programs in many areas across BC, either directly or by working with local governments, First Nations, private companies, and other non-profit organizations. Organizations that supply packaging and printed paper to BC residents are responsible for collecting and recycling these materials when residents are finished with them. This is called extended producer responsibility, or EPR — a way for businesses to manage the environmental impact of products during all stages of the product life cycle, from selecting the materials used in production to collection and recycling when a product is no longer useful.

Several additional items can be placed in your blue bin for curbside collection, compared to previously, including gable top containers for items like milk or molasses, frozen dessert boxes, paper cups for hot or cold beverages, and their lids, tinfoil and tetra packs for soups or broths in your cart.  

Plastic grocery bags will no longer be accepted in your cart after the transition. They can still be recycled at the Fernie Transfer Station with your other flexible plastics.

Your recycling will still be collected every other week, just like before.

Find more information on Fernie’s Recycling Curbside Collection Changes here.