National Indigenous Peoples Day

Today, June 21st, is National Indigenous Peoples Day, a day to recognize and celebrate Indigenous cultures across Canada.
Mayor Milligan and members of Council, along with staff representatives will be showing support by participating in the Yaq̓it ʔa·knuqⱡi’it Border Walk at the Roosville Border, starting at 10 am.
“It is an important and profound experience to cross the border with Yaqit ʔa·knuqⱡi’it, recognizing that their nation’s use and occupancy predates the international boundary. As well, it is a vital act of reconciliation to walk beside our Indigenous neighbors as they reassert a unique culture and identity that predates our communities and countries.”
       - Mayor Milligan
Following the walk, a celebration will take place at the Yaq̓it ʔa·knuqⱡi ‘it Administration Building, 5500 Village Loop Road, Grasmere. Festivities are open for all to join.
Read here for information about the Yaq̓it ʔa·knuqⱡi’it Border Walk and Celebrations.
Learn more about National Indigenous People's Day online, here.