Street Sweeping Program

City of Fernie street sweepers are out this week starting their first pass to remove bulk sand from priority winter routes. Over the coming weeks, crews will begin the annual comprehensive street sweeping program and work through each neighbourhood as the spring snowmelt allows (schedule coming soon). This will be followed by a final touch-up sweeping pass in late spring.

Through the winter season, the City’s Public Works Department spreads winter sand onto City roads to maintain safe driving conditions. The plowing of snow onto the boulevard causes the sand to accumulate, and as the snow melts from residential frontages, the sand and gravel begins to appear on lawns.
Residents out doing their own spring cleaning of boulevards, can gather winter sand and place it at the curb for pick up by the sweeper. For collection sand must be evenly distributed at the road-side, large piles of sand or piles containing mixed materials that could clog the sweeper will be bypassed. Please refrain from distributing sand onto a swept road and avoid putting winter sand in catch basins as this can lead to serious drainage issues.