Sandbag Filling Station Set Up

We are heading into our spring freshet period where it is normal for water levels in our rivers and streams to rise due to spring run-off.

In preparation for forecasted warmer weather and  rainfall, the City has set up a public sandbagging station near the Operations Facility at 1492 Railway Avenue (next to TJs Autobody).  

For anyone who lives in an area that is prone to flooding, the self-fill station is available for use at any time. Stations have sand and bags, residents just need to bring their own shovels and gloves.

Flood Preparation

Each spring during freshet, a City of Fernie Flood Response Committee is formed to ensure that the appropriate monitoring and measuring is occurring and the tools are in place to activate our Flood Response Plan to quickly and effectively respond to any flood situations.

The City’s Flood Response Plan guides the response to rising water levels and ensures that the necessary precautions are in place at each level.

The BC River Forecast Centre is also monitoring conditions around the province.

You can get up to date information on any high stream advisories or flood watches here at any time:

Are you Prepared?

Now is a good time to refresh on what you can do to be prepared in the event of a flood.

It’s important to ensure that you are flood ready and have a grab and go bag packed in case you are required to leave your home.

Check out this link for tips on how you can best prepare for a flood event:

If you aren’t already signed up to receive alerts in the event of an emergency, sign up now to the Regional District of East Kootenay’s emergency notification system here.