Invasive Plant Management

The City of Fernie will have a contractor spraying invasive and noxious weeds in identified priority areas in our community over the coming weeks.

Invasive and noxious weeds are all around the East Kootenays and pose a threat to wildlife, the economy, recreation, and the environment. Under the Province of British Columbia's Weed Control Act, the City of Fernie is responsible to treat and prevent noxious and invasive weeds within city limits.

It is the City’s commitment to ensure that our public places are safe and sustainable for long-term use and enjoyment and our significant investments are protected.

The City uses a variety of treatment methods including targeted grazing with goats and hand pulling, as well as chemical treatment, which is typically the most efficient and cost-effective option for long term control of noxious and invasive weeds.

All priority areas being treated this year will be signed 48 hours in advance following the regulations set out in the City’s Pesticide Use Control Bylaw.

Learn more about our Invasive Plant Management Program here, and how you can help stop the spread of invasive plants here.