Fernie Valley Pathway and Annex Dike Construction Update

As we head into fall, construction on the Annex Dike and Fernie Valley Pathway projects is progressing well.

The contractor has been busy over the past month building the flood protection walls, placing and grading the dike fill to raise the Upstream and Annex Park sections of the dike, topsoiling the dike sides, grading the riverside/attack dike trail in preparation for paving, installing water, sewer and conduit pipes through the dike and placing rip rap on the upstream section of the dike near Leo T. Nimsick bridge.

In the coming weeks the first portion of paving the dike crest along the riverside/attack dike will take place. The Annex Park remains under a full closure and we are asking the public to continue to respect the trail closures following the first section of asphalt placement. The contractor will still have heavy machinery in the area to complete the shouldering of the asphalt and planting of trees.

Next, the contractor will continue working downstream on the dike construction moving towards the West Fernie Bridge with dike raising and rock work, as well as replacing the outlet structure and culvert at the duck pond.

On the Fernie Valley Pathway, the contractor has been working this week on the removal of the pedestrian bridge crossing the creek just beyond the Fernie Fox Hotel. They will be working to prepare the site for the placement of the new bridge. The bridge and this portion of the existing trail will remain closed for several weeks, and cyclists and pedestrians will need to detour around this section of the trail.

Clearing and grubbing of the Fernie Valley Pathway trail alignment between Boardman Road and Mount Fernie Park Road is also underway, with gravel placement expected to start next week.