City of Fernie and Montane Development Ltd. Reach Brewery Creek Lands Resolution

The City of Fernie has reached a satisfactory resolution of the prosecution of Montane Development Ltd. with respect to its work on the Brewery Creek lands in 2020.

The resolution includes a commitment from Montane Development Ltd. to follow through with its application for a Watercourse Development Protection Permit that it initially submitted in May 2020, including seeking approvals that will address the works in the Brewery Creek/Brewery Ponds area and the entrance lands generally to Montane, addressing all required Development Permit guidelines through to the “final product” with regard to drainage and environmental management. The City is satisfied that Montane will address all regulatory matters, including any that may be required by the Ministry of Environment, with respect to the Brewery Creek wetlands.

Further, Montane Development Ltd. has committed to seek and obtain any development permits as required prior to any future work on its lands.

The City will be making no further statements on this matter.