Public Input Opportunity


 Council will consider a referral for an application to the Province for a Non-Medical Cannabis Retail Licence at Unit D, 561 Highway 3 at its June 22, 2020 meeting. This application has completed its Provincial fit and proper evaluation. Under the Cannabis Control and Licensing Act, all such applications are subject to approval from Council before the Province will consider issuing a licence. We are looking for your written input regarding any issues or concerns you may have with a non-medical cannabis retail store operating at this location.


Unit D, 561 Highway 3

Is the use permitted in the zoning bylaw?


What could the hours of operation be?

The province limits the hours of operation for non-medical cannabis retail stores to 9am-11pm.


The Cannabis Control and Licensing Act requires that Council must gather the input of residents in the area of a proposed retail store prior to providing the Liquor & Cannabis Regulation Branch with comments on licence applications. Your comments will be presented to Council as part of their consideration of the Non-medical Cannabis Retail Store referral. After Council considers the referred application and provides a recommendation, the Province may issue the licence.

How can you provide input?

Please send us your comments in writing either by email to or by letter to:

City Hall at 501 3rd Ave, Box 190, Fernie, BC, V0B1M0.

All written submission must include your name and street address and are public information pursuant to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.  Written submission may be included in the public Council agenda package and must be received by 4:00 p.m., June 12th, 2020.