City of Fernie Receives UBCM Grant Funding

The City of Fernie has received major grant funding from the Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM) for two important community projects. The City is grateful to be the recipient of $750K for the Mountview Dike Upgrade and $20K for a Housing Needs Assessment.

The Mountview Dike Upgrade Phase 1 project is a structural flood protection construction project in the City’s Mountview neighbourhood. The project is planned for this year and will address recommendations in the City of Fernie Flood Mitigation Plan.The $750K in grant funding will go towards the recommended installation of new permanent structural flood protection works to close gaps in the existing diking system to protect homes, critical municipal infrastructure, facilities, recreation and sport amenities. The money will also be used for upgrades and major repairs to the existing dike.

The $20,000 provided for a Housing Needs Assessment will allow the City to complete it's first housing needs report. This study will build on the work done in the 2018 Affordable Housing Strategy and help us to better understand our current and future housing needs. 

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