Budget 2020 Public Input Opportunity

The City of Fernie is looking community  input on the proposed 2020 Budget through a short survey.

Each year, the City of Fernie is required by Provincial Legislation to create a formal budget for the revenues it collects and plan for how funds will be spent to provide services for our community.

For 2020, given the COVID-19 pandemic and the significant challenges facing our community, Council directed staff to pursue a zero-percent tax increase to support taxpayers. This will require temporary service reductions, deferrals and reductions in planned capital spending, and a corresponding reduction in transfers to some reserves.

The proposed 2020 budget includes $25,280,267 in total expenditures. The focus for major projects this year is to deliver on Council’s strategic objectives, protect the safety of citizens, protect and safeguard critical infrastructure, and prepare for future investment.

An overview of the 2020 Budget is available for review here.

In addition to the short survey, we are also accepting feedback via email to cityhall@fernie.ca or in writing by dropping your comments through the mail slot at City Hall.

Please let us know what you think about the budget prior to the May 4 deadline for submissions.