2020 Road Patching Program

The City of Fernie’s annual road patching program is currently underway with over half of the areas identified for repair in 2020 already patched.

This spring, the City purchased a new asphalt reclaimer to use to enhance the annual patching program. The asphalt reclaimer uses infrared heating to heat existing asphalt in place, minimal additional hot mix is then added and they are blended together into one small patch.  These patches are expected to have a longer life span than the cold mix pothole fill repair method traditionally utilized by the City.

The 2020 patching program consists of patches in 22 locations around Maintown, Annex, Ridgemont and Coal Creek Road. The patching area being covered this year is over 2000m2 and has an associated budget of $52,000. The biggest patches are on 2nd Avenue and 7th Street, 4th Avenue and 4th Street, 16th Street and 10th Avenue,  and 14th Street and 10th Ave.

The City would like to thank the public for continuing to adhere to posted signage in work zones and giving crews space to safely complete these repairs.