Swim Lesson Registration Moving Online

The City of Fernie will begin offering online swim lesson registration starting in September.

In this transition, we are asking any existing customers to assist us with updating their accounts by stopping by the Fernie Aquatic Centre before the annual maintenance shutdown begins on August 11. Once your account has been updated you will be able to set up your online account.

To ensure we have an accurate record of any program registration pre-requisites, any new customers will also be required to set up an account in person before being able to register for lessons online.

Registration for Fall Lesson Sets beginning on September 23 will open on September 10 at 4pm. Participants will have the option of registering online, or in person at the Aquatic Centre.

Find out more about our program offerings, and setting up your online account here.

Thank you for your patience as we transition our systems to serve you better