Council Recommends Cannabis Retail Store Licences

At a Special Meeting of Council on Monday, July 15, Council voted in favour of recommending to the Province the approval of two Non-Medical Cannabis Retail Store Licenses.

Council endorsement is an important step in the approval process and is required by the Province before a license can be issued. Both applications that Council considered were proposed for locations where the use fit the existing requirements of the Zoning Byaw and, based on public feedback received earlier this year, are not anticipated to have negative impact on the local area.

Once applicants receive a license from the Province, they are eligible to follow the regular City process and apply for a City of Fernie Business License.

More information on the applications presented to Council:

1161A 7th Ave

2019-07-15 RFD 1161A 7th Ave Cannabis Retail

Provincial Referral

Provincial Cannabis Retail License Referral Policy

Consolidation of public comments

 891 7th Ave

2019-07-15 RFD 891 7th Ave Cannabis Retail

Attachment 1 - Provincial Referral

Attachment 2 Provincial Cannabis Retail License Referral Policy

Attachment 3 - Consolidated Public Comments