Update: Maiden Lake Dike Improvements

Construction to upgrade the Maiden Lake Dike for flood mitigation is expected to begin as early as July 2 and extend through to the end of October.

The goal of this project is to upgrade the Maiden Lake Dike, including raising and extending the dike, to provide better flood protection to the adjacent commercial area, the Annex and part of Main Town.

The closure will start where the Annex Dike intersects with the North Bridge and there will be no access under the bridge, the closure will continue along the Dike Trail past Maiden Lake to the intersection of 18th Street and 6th Avenue, and along 6th Avenue to Fairway Drive.  

Maiden Lake access will be restricted to the public throughout the construction. 

The dike improvements feature:

  • Raising the existing dike and resurfacing the pathway
  • Changes to the landscaped area around Maiden Lake
  • Construction of a new dike along the east side of 6th Ave from 18th Street to Fairway Drive
  • Raising of a portion of 6th Avenue to address the gap in the diking flood protection the road would create

The City would like to thank the Natural Disaster Mitigation Program for the grant funding for this project.  The grant will cover 100% of the cost of the upgrade project. More information on the Natural Disaster Mitigation Program can be found here. 

Further details will be provided to the community as the project advances.