Annex Park Bridge Replacement Complete

City of Fernie staff recently completed the replacement of the Annex Park Bridge, closest to the Annex Park parking lot.

Project Highlights:

  • the bridge was previously approx. 3.5ft  wide and now has a width of 12ft
  • The bridge was replaced in order to facilitate use of the space in Annex Park for special community events. The bridge provides a wider surface for two way pedestrian traffic, as well as access for maintenance and emergency vehicles.
  • The steel structure of the bridge was donated to the City by the Ministry of Forests Lands Natural Resources and Development, so the City experienced significant savings and was able to repurpose old infrastructure that is still in great shape.
  • The project was funded through the Resort Municipality Initiative, and had an assigned budget of $65,000 dollars, but came in under budget at $50,000.