Official Community Plan Advisory Committee

Official Community Plan

The City of Fernie's Official Community Plan (OCP) provides a policy framework and implementation strategy to enhance the quality of life for the citizen’s of Fernie. The OCP addresses issues such as land use, housing, transportation, parks and recreation, economic development, the natural and social environment, and infrastructure, etc. The Official Community Plan is intended to guide development activity in the community over the twenty-year period from 2003 to 2023. In order to ensure ongoing relevance these plans are typically reviewed/refined every five years to ensure that the OCP continues to meet community needs. 

Official Community Plan Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Official Community Plan Advisory Committee (OCPAC), formerly the Official Community Plan Implementation Committee, is to advise City of Fernie Council on all matters to do with the City of Fernie Official Community Plan (OCP).  The committee is comprised of two members of City Council, plus one alternate, and interested community residents who represent many diverse and broad segments of the community (to a maximum of fifteen members).  Have a look at the Committee's terms of reference [PDF - 49 KB] for more information on their mandate and membership.

Mission Statement

With community perspective and a collaborative approach, the OCPAC will act in an advisory capacity to assist and support the Council and City in achieving ongoing progress towards the goals of the OCP and enhanced quality of life of the Fernie community.

Committee Role

The Committee will advise City Council on the following matters within the context of the Official Community Plan:

  • Develop and bi-annually evaluate an index to monitor the quality of life and community livability in Fernie.
  • Be responsible for assessing the effectiveness of current policies and monitoring local development and to advise City Council on those matters and future decisions within the context of the OCP.
  • Facilitate or support community-wide discussions and educational efforts to support implementation of the goals and objectives as outlined in the Official Community Plan.

Contacting the OCPAC

To contact the Official Community Plan Implementation Committee please email or call Fernie City Hall at 423-6817.  We welcome your comments and input.