No Cycling on Sidewalks

City of Fernie Bylaw Services would like to remind the public that riding bicycles on City sidewalks isn’t permitted under our Streets and Traffic Bylaw.

After a number of complaints from residents were submitted to Bylaw Services, the  team started an awareness campaign to educate people on the restrictions set out in the Streets and Traffic Bylaw no.1400. 

No biking images have now been painted on 2nd Avenue sidewalks to alert residents and visitors that cycling is not permitted. This stretch is being focused on due to the high traffic nature of the area, and the concentration of complaints pertaining to this issue downtown.

This Bylaw applies to both children and adults, and also applies to skateboards, and roller blades. It is suggested that anyone who isn't comfortable cycling on the road get off and walk their bike on the sidewalk.

Cyclists are welcome on all City roads, at the skate park and on our extensive trail network. 

If you would like to report a Bylaw related issue, please use our Report a Problem page.