Fire Rescue


The City's Fire Rescue Services is proud to provide the following community services:

  • Fire suppression for Fernie and surrounding areas (defined by Mutual Aide Agreements)
  • First responder services (motor vehicle extrication & rescue)
  • Fire prevention inspections and public education

The services provided by Fernie Fire Rescue have been established under Fire Protection and Life Safety Bylaw.   The bylaw authorizes members to:

  • enter premises or property where the incident occurred or any neighbouring premises or property and to cause any member, apparatus, or equipment to enter, as deemed necessary, in order to combat, control or deal with the incident; to charge fees for cost recovery;
  • cause the demolition of any building or part of a building which, in that member’s judgment, should be demolished in order to prevent the spread of fire and further damage to property or injury to persons and possible loss of life;
  • enforce the Fire Code and any applicable municipal bylaws and regulations for the prevention and suppression of fires;
  • commandeer privately or publicly owned equipment, which is necessary to deal with an incident; and
  • regulate outside burning.