Roads & Snow Clearing

Winter Parking Policy

Each winter the Operations Department has the responsibility for maintaining snow and ice removal for the roadways and sidewalks in Fernie. In order to allow equipment access to roads and do a thorough job of snow removal it is necessary for the City to follow the Winter Parking Policy, in the Streets and Traffic Bylaw No. 1400.  

From November 1 until April 15, alternate parking schedules apply to all areas where parking is not controlled by posted signage in the City of Fernie.

To check the parking restrictions in your neighborhood, click the links for downloadable and printable maps:

The Annex 

Alpine Parkland 

Castle Mountain 


Maintown North

Maintown South 


Park Avenue and Coal Creek 



Downtown and Overnight Public Parking Areas 

Still Unsure where to park? Review City wide Parking Map 


Many of our residents rely on walking as their primary way to get around Fernie, and without a wide, clear path through snow and ice, it is especially difficult for people with disabilities, seniors, and children to walk safely.  According to the City’s Snow & Ice Removal Bylaw No. 1928, business property owners, apartment/condominium complex owners or your managing occupants are responsible for keeping sidewalks free of snow and ice, and for the removal of any overhanging ice, icicles or snow which may fall and cause personal injury or property damage.  Please note you are required to clean any snow or ice from the sidewalks and footpaths adjacent to your premises before 9:00 am each day.   

Towed Vehicles

Unfortunately the City must enforce the parking policy and sometimes that means Towing a Vehicle to allow equipment to plow streets. 

Priority Plowing and Sanding Routes

Snow routes are planned by geographic sections of the City of Fernie. These areas are Maintown, Ridgemont, Annex, Mountview, and Parkland/ Ghostrider/Riverside. Priority sanding areas include hills, intersections, and areas adjacent to schools.

Windrow Clearing

To assist residents who are age 65 years or over or persons with disabilities to clear the windrow left behind by the plows, the City offers Windrow Removal Assistance.  If you are eligible for this service please complete the application form below and return it to City Hall.


Fernie strives to provide safe and reliable roads to allow for the efficient movement of goods, services and our greatest resource, people throughout the community.

The City maintains approximately 50 km of roadway; 26 km of sidewalks and 13.5 km of gravel surface trails throughout the community. Each year the Operations Department completes an annual street sweeping and paving program, repairs potholes and broken sidewalks.

Report an Issue

Know of a nasty pothole that needs repair? Please Report a Pothole and we will schedule an inspection.

Are you having an event and need to request a temporary Road Closure?