Corporate Strategic Plan

The Corporate Strategic Plan is the road map that will guide Council and staff towards our shared vision for the future - a plan to get us from where we are today to where we want to be as a city.

Our newly elected Council and staff members participated in a facilitated workshop in April 2019 to update Strategic Priorities for the new term.   Prioritiy setting is the process of turning strategy into results by aligning aims with actions, tactics with responsibilities and resources with timelines.    

Council Strategic Priorities are identified as "NOW" and "NEXT" and align to the community priorities stated in our  Official Community Plan:  Ensuring Economic Viability, Enriching Community Life, and Protecting the Environment.   Community priorities help to inform the goals and policy directions of the City.  As the NOW strategic priorities are completed, the NEXT items move up the list. 

Performance is reported through the Annual Municipal Report updated in June each year.